1. Monique Graves · September 10, 2016

    Hello Pastor Edmonds,

    My name is Monique Graves and I am a member of the East Palo Alto SDA church and the founder of, Lauren’s House 4 Positive Change Inc. The mission of Lauren’s House 4 Positive Change Inc. is to provide a safe space for at-risk children, youth, and families from San Mateo County, preparing young people for success in life by exposing them to the beauty and possibilities of their lives despite their hardships.
    I sent a prayer request through your church website about a year ago and Momma P (Clara Parrish) responded and I know pray on the 9 o’clock prayer line. My daughter heard that you were coming to Oakwood for Founder’s Day and she called to tell me, my favorite pastor is coming to preach at her school. I don’t attend Community Grace but I feel like I do.

    I am contacting you today because Lauren’s House is organizing a iMatter 2016 Retreat at Leoni Meadows on October 14-16 and we would like you to participate. I am bothered by what I see in my community and I can no longer just go to church and pray. I have to do something for the young men in my community that are lost, have real life stuff going on, confused and don’t know how AWESOME God is. iMatter is a weekend that young men can see God’s love through prayers, testimonies, positive and encouraging words spoken over them, workshops, spoken words, activities, hikes and team building by men who love Jesus.


  2. Colin Thorne · January 24, 2017

    April 12-16, 2017 Camp Meeting Barbados


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