Victory Over Sexual Addictions from Pew to Pulpit – Helping Members and Pastors Overcome

I was privileged to do a webinar back in September of 2013 on “Victory Over Sexual Addictions from Pew to Pulpit” with Dr. Mark Laaser and Pastor Bernie Anderson. I am reposting his webinar for those who need help or know someone who needs help in this area. I hope this is a blessing it you.

Webinar audio
Webinar video

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  1. Chaplain Michael A. Smith II · May 9, 2016

    Just spoke with Pastor John Coaxam. Powerful time with him, both in an encouraging word and practical accountability. My friends and colleagues Dr. Edmonds, Pastor Coaxam, Dr. Dee Mangum, and Elder Jason McCracken have all encouraged me to not only share my testimony on my struggles with Porn Addiction (as many struggle with this same issue IN THE CHURCH), but also to write a ‘tell-all’ book about the Power of God’s Radical Grace! So now I find myself on this journey towards listening to the voices of experience, the great cloud of witnesses, and mighty Men of God who continue to lift me up in ministry and in life. I look forward to adding my name and experience to these Vessels of Honor (Dr. Edmonds, Dr. Laaser and Pastor Anderson).


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